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Channel variables

The DUMP command shows the names and values of all variables of the current model.
The name of a variable is composed of 3 letters and one figure. The figure is a channel number.
For instance, REV1 is the Reverse setting for channel 1, REV2 is the Reverse setting for channel 2.

  • ICT : Input control type: 1=potentiometer, 2=switch, 3=mixer, 0=off (do not read this control)
  • ICN : Input control number: potentiometer number or switch number
    • potentiometer number belongs to the interval [1,8]; Potentiometer 1 is connected to A0, pot 2 to A1, ... pot 8 to A7.
    • switch number belongs to the interval [1,6]; Switch 1 is connected to D2, switch 2 to D3, ... switch 6 to D7.
    • mixer number belongs to the interval [1,2]
  • REV : Reverse, 1=servo direction is reversed for this channel, 0=servo direction is not reversed.
  • DUA : Dual rate applied to this channel when the Dual Rate switch is ON. Percentage [0-100]. Applies only if EXP=0.
  • EXP : Exponential applied symetrically from the center of this channel when the Dual Rate switch is ON. Percentage [0-100].
    0=none, 25=medium, 50=strong, 100=very strong. If EXP is not zero then DUA is ignored.
    Exponential may also apply to the throttle channel (Model variable THC). This feature may be useful for gas engines. This exponential is calculated full-curve from 0.
  • PWL, PWH : Minimal/Maximal pulse width for this channel, in microseconds. PWL default=720, PWH default=2200.
    These default values correspond to the Hextronic HXT500 servo and will accomodate most other servos.
    If your servos are moving erratically when you set the sticks near their minimum or maximum position, you must change these values: try with PWL=900 and PWH=2100.
    You can try to widen the default range to get a larger rotation angle if your servo supports it. See the Servo calibration procedure.
  • EPL, EPH : End points position in percentage from the center of the channel [0,100]
    EPL=low end point, EPH=high end point, both default=100. Set these variables if you want to limit the rotation angle of the servo.
  • SUB : Subtrim signed percentage [-100,+100], default=0. Setting this variable shifts the neutral position of the servo in either direction, depending on the sign of the value: negative shifts left, positive shifts right.

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