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How to use your transmitter with FMS flight simulator

The simulator is useful for testing the ArduinoRC software.
You just need to add a PPM output socket, make a simple cable and install some Windows software.

1. Add a PPM output jack

  • Mount a 3.5 mm mono female jack socket in the Tx; use a 3-connectors switched socket, the switch will be used to turn off the RF module when using the simulator
  • Disconnect the RF module's GND wire from the Tx GND
  • Connect the RF module's GND wire to the socket's switched GDN connector
  • Connect the socket's common GND connector to the Tx GND
  • Connect the socket's inner connector to D10 through a 1000Ω resistor; the resistor will protect D10 in case of an accidental short circuit to GND.

2. Make a cable

  • The PPM signal is fed into the PC audio input (microphone socket)
  • Use two 3.5 mm mono male jacks and a suitable length of shielded audio wire to make the cable; make the cable as short as possible.
  • Connect the jacks' inner connectors with the signal wire of the cable through a 33kΩ resistor; the resistor will protect the PC's audio input; use a small resistor that can fit inside a male jack plug.
  • Connect the jacks' outer connectors with the shield wire of the cable
  • Test the cable:
    • connect the Tx to the microphone input of your PC with the cable;
    • set the microphone input volume to 50% in the Control Panel of Windows;
    • display to the PPM signal with Audacity or any other audio application;
    • use the graph to adjust the microphone input volume to minimize distorsion and maximize modulation.
    PPM output
    The 6 channels pulses repeat every 20 milliseconds on this Audacity graph

3. Setup the software

  • Download and install FMS 2 alpha 85 (google fms2alpha85.exe). For Windows 7 and above: download and install d3drm.dll and fms-ecomport-fix.reg (google these files), and modify the FMS shortcut to enforce Windows-XP SP3 compatibility.
  • Download SmartPropoPlus from
  • Install and configure SmartPropoPlus for FMS
  • Optionally, define ad hoc flight sim model(s) in your transmitter.


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