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Restoring your settings

The Arduino Serial Monitor won't let you paste multiple lines.
You must use a better serial comm program to do that, like "screen" for Linux or "putty" for Windows.
Refer to the Connecting to the transmitter page to learn how to use these programs.

Restoring with the clipboard on Windows

  • Connect your transmitter to your computer
  • Open the file where you have saved your settings with the Notepad
  • Select all the text, or only the part you want to restore, then copy it into the clipboard
  • Paste the contents of the clipboard into the putty window: right mouse click anywhere in this window
  • If the transmitter prints error messages, you have probably pasted to much text, overflowing the Arduino's serial input buffer. Try to copy/paste smaller text blocks in several steps, for example: one model at a time.

Restoring with the txupload utility on Linux
Although you could use the above procedure on Linux, it is more convenient to use the txupload utility.
This program is located in the arduinorc/linux subdirectory of the software installation archive.

  • Connect your transmitter to your computer, switch it to Command mode, do not start "screen"
  • cd to the arduinorc/linux subdirectory
  • ./txupload path_of_your_settings.txt /dev/your_USB_device [line number]
    Example: ./txupload ~/allmyplanes_2013-05-16.txt /dev/ttyUSB0

The txupload utility checks for transmission and syntax errors. It prints "upload complete" after a successfull upload.
If the file contains a syntax error, or if a transmission error happens, it prints "Error at line ..." and "upload failed".
If the settings file is large, you can resume the broken upload at the corresponding line number.
Example: resume upload at line 123: ./txupload ~/allmyplanes_2013-05-16.txt /dev/ttyUSB0 123

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