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The standard pulse width for servos ranges from 1000 to 2000 microseconds: servos are supposed to move their arm to the 0 position when receiving a 1000 microseconds pulse, and move it to the 90 position when receiving a 2000 microseconds pulse.

However, many servos support or require a wider pulse range. HobbyKing's HXT500 servos, for instance, respond to a range of 720-2200 microseconds pulses, moving their arm by 110.

Entering the widest pulse range corresponding to your servos will achieve maximal mechanical resolution.


Power-on the receiver, enter Command mode, and for each channel (following procedure is given for channel #1):

See the Channel variables page to learn more about PWL and PWH variables.

Read Servo control interface in detail for more information about servo pulses.

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